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Science National Honor Society




"Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"

"Fortunate is one who undertands the causes of things."

 ~ Virgil ~

Welcome to our Franklin Academy

Science National Honor Society website!


Do you have a passion for or plan to have a career in the sciences? Want to join SNHS? If you're interested in joining, you can find information about the society by speaking with Mrs. Ruiz-Houston in Room 321 (IB MYP Office).


What is our purpose?              

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought, to advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all mankind.



This chapter shall:

  • be affiliated with and fulfill the objectives of the Science National Honor Society, Inc.
  • encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought.
  • advance students' knowledge of classical and modern science.
  • communicate with the scientific community.
  • aid the civic community with its comprehension of science. 
  • establish science as a strength of the academic program of Franklin Academy High School. 
  • improve public knowledge of Franklin Academy students' science work, improve community connections, and incorporate local issues into our scientific study.
  • improve students' college awareness through exposure to interesting, dynamic experiences that include college talents. 
  • use inquiry-based projects to increase interest in upper-level science by utilizing high school science faculty members as research mentors. 


How do I join?

In the fall students who are interested in joining SNHS should see Mrs. Ruiz-Houston for an application in Room 321 (the IB MYP Office). It is the student's responsibility to submit all of the materials listed.  Once this takes place, the applications will be reviewed.   Those who have been selected to become members in SNHS.

One approved, students will receive a certificate of membership.  Each year when the membership is renewed, the student will receive a new certificate of membership for that year.


What are the membership requirements?  check black md clr

  • An applicant must submit:
    • A completed application form.
    • A short statement about why you would like to be a member of the Franklin Academy Science National Honor Society and what you hope to bring to the group.
    • A letter of recommendation from one science teacher AND from a teacher in any other subject area.  These evaluations will help us assess your acadmeics, motivation, caharcter, and areas of strength in science.
    • A printout of your transcript (i.e. grades) showing a 3.5 or higher in science courses AND a 3.0 or higher overall GPA.
    • Membership Dues ($40) include yearly dues and honor cord for expected graduation.


  • A member must be a Senior, Junior, or Sophomore
    • A member must have and maintain a 3.0/4.0 grade point average.
    • The member must also have a B+ (88.0% or 3.5 GPA) average in all science courses.
    • A member must be enrolled in at least one honors or upper level science class during or prior to applying to the SNHS.
    • All members are require to participate in the Science National Honors Society project.
    • Member must attend at least 80% of the chapter meetings, activities, or events. 
    • Each member is required to participate in at least two tutoring session per quarter.
    • To remain active, students must submit 20 verified hours of service each year.  A minimum of 10 of these service hours must be completing service for SNHS.
    • Maintain qualities of leadership and character.
    • A student may be dismissed if he/she violates the standards, obligation, or ideals of the Science National Honors Society.  This includes violation of grade, chapter projects, and/or behavioral requirements.


What does it cost? dollar md wht

There is a yearly fee of $40. This goes to cover the cost of processing membership records, t-shirts, certificates, membership pins. annual dues for the club, and honor cords for graduation.




Application Materials and Forms

Student Application
Science Teacher Recommendation form
Teacher Recommendation form
SNHS By-Laws and Constitution
Officer Application